Pewter Candle Holders

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Beautiful Vintage Pair Antique Web weighted Pewter Candlesticks Candle Holders, RARE SHAPE ANTIQUE K.S. CO P503 PEWTER 3 LIGHTS CANDELABRA CANDLE HOLDER, 9 1 4 , Antique J. P. Kayser & Son 1921 Art Nouveau Pewter Candlesticks Candle Holders, Woodbury Pewter Candle Holders Pair 6.1 2 High, Rare Vintage Just Andersen Danish Denmark Art Deco Candlestick Candle Holder, Ornate Angel Alter Boy made in Italy Pewter Little Candles Holder , ANTIQUE PEWTER CANDLESTICK CANDLE HOLDER, Nice old antique pair of candleholders, pewter, marked, english ? 6 , Pair of Hand Hammered Serge Nekrassoff Arts & Crafts Pewter Candle Sticks , Pair 2 MASTAD PEWTER NORWAY CANDLESTICKS 4.7inTall631gmsTot Candle Holders, ANTIQUE 99 SILVER STAMP DUTCH WINDMILL CANDLE STICK HOLDER, SWIRLING ART NOUVEAU, Nice old antique pair of candleholders, pewter, unmarked ' heaavy, Ornate Angel Alter Boy made in Italy Pewter Little Candles Holder , George Inn Vintage Antique Pewter dish, coaster, candle holder, London England, Pewter Candle Holder Exceptional Water Lilly & Lilly Pad Vintage , L.H. Vaughan Pewter Candle Stick, First Prize Award in Arts & Crafts, 1926, Antique Queens Art Pewter Brooklyn New York Hand Crafted Candle Sticks NICE, Antique Art Deco Pewter Figurine Candle Holder 2 Angles Carrying Basket, Pair of Poole Pewter Taunton Mass. 3 Candle Candle holders ca. 20th century, Candle Holder Antique O L V A made in 1924 ? Pewter and brass K4, ANTIQUE BEAUTIFUL ART NOUVEAU DARK PEWTER COLOR CANDLE HOLDER.1900'S, ANTIQUE EARLY AMERICAN OR EUROPEAN PEWTER SINGLE CANDLESTICK CANDLE HOLDER, Vintage Italian Brass Antique Bowl w attached Candle Holders, VINTAGE Rare TWO Gargoyle Griffin Dragon PEWTER CANDLESTICK CANDLE HOLDER , PRIMITIVE ANTIQUE PEWTER CANDLEHOLDER, Pair Woodbury Pewter Candle Holders about 5 High, Antique 19th century American Federal Pewter Baluster Candlesticks Candle Sticks, antique PRIMITIVE PEWTER PAIR OF CANDLE SCOUNCES candle holder fresh estate, Pre Americana Pewter Candle Holders, Flat Button Silver Plating, , PRIMITIVE ANTIQUE SETOF PEWTER CANDLE HOLDERS 2 MARKED GENUINE PEWTER BW26 , Antique Sintra Pewter Candle stick holder 95 Sn 95 tin , antique PRIMITIVE PEWTER BARLEY TWIST CANDLESTICK candle holder fresh estate, Antique Victorian 2 Arm Pewter Candelabre, Center Piece, Candle Holder, vintage PEWTAREX CANDLE HOLDER. hard pewter alloy 6.5 w, Pewter Pied Piper Rats Mice Figural Candle Holder Metal English Fairy Tale, Antique art deco pewter candlestick candle holder, ANTIQUE PEWTER COLONIAL CANDLEHOLDER, FOR LARGER CANDLE, UNUSUAL 1900 1940

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